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Setting Your Longcase/Grandfather Clock To Time

To put the clock to the correct time you should always move the minute hand in a clockwise direction until you reach your current time. You must allow the clock to strike as you come to each hour or striking problems may arise. One of the main rules for antique longcase/grandfather clocks is never to turn the hands backwards. This can result in damaging the movement and it will probably need to be repaired. The date will also need to be adjusted if the clock has one. This can usually be done from the front of the dial by moving the date ring or disc to the correct date. If there is resistance then the date is currently in gear and you will have to take the clock forward in time to ascertain when the date changes. The dates on longcase/grandfather clocks change either every 12 hours (half a day) or they change once every 24 hour s. You can also change the date by moving the hood and locating the disc or ring behind the dial.