Seth Thomas

Seth Thomas was born in Wolcott, Connecticut, in 1785. He became an expert carpenter.At 22 years old, he went to work for clockmaker Eli Terry in Northbury, Connecticut. He took to the art of clockmaking and prospered, so much so that in 1810 he bought out Terry’s factory with a partner. Three years later he bought out another clockmaking business in Plymouth Hollow and relocated.He began making clocks under the Seth Thomas name, priding himself on the quality of his work. Seth Thomas clocks soon became known all over the country for their quality and high level of craftsmanship. Initially, Thomas continued to make tall wall clocks with wooden movements and swinging pendulums, but in 1817 he shifted focus to wooden movement shelf clocks housed in pillar and scroll cases. In 1842 brass movements were introduced and by 1845 wooden movements were phased out completely.

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